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We buy and sell domains while providing our clients with broad handcrafted digital asset growth solutions, entailing domain brokerage, web development, and search engine optimization services.

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Most Attractive Domain Names

We research and acquire a few thousands of one-word domain names, two-word domains, all of them being Exact-Match, Generic domain names, and Brandable too, ready for you to purchase a premium domain name for your next project.

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Less Coding, Less Hassle

Whether it is WordPress or PHP development you are after, whether you always wanted a prospering monetized blog or a professional business website, our team of highly experienced Web Developers will build your digital asset from scratch with precise emphasis on your future goals and target audience.

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Buy, Build, Flip or Hold

You can choose to go through the whole process through us. Buy your favorite domain name; Build and develop a monetized website on it; Flip and sell your newly developed online asset for maximum profit or; Hold your digital asset for the long-run, letting it generate passive income.

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Domain Names... Why?

Domain names are one of the most valuable business assets, as it is the online presence of any business.

A premium business domain creates integrity, dominance, validity, memorability, and brings noticeable added value to the business. They are Brand Builders and enhancers! DomainsJV has been successful in brokering millions of dollars and euros in top domain name sales, both public and private.

Our team of seasoned domaining, SEO, and web development experts is known for providing exceptional customer service and solid, authentic relationships within and outside of the domain industry, start-up sector, and established corporate universe.

We aim to provide targeted outreach and outstanding service to our valued clients with no exceptions. So why not maximize your profits on an online joint venture with us!

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Don't know where to start?

Our Method To Success

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  • 1st

    Find Premium Domains

    We have assisted hundreds of trademark brands and companies in safely acquiring an exact match domain that fits their brand perfectly. Our experienced Premium Domain Brokers will guide you securely and confidentially through the domain purchasing process.

  • 2nd

    Plan and Develop a Website

    Your website is planned out from the beginning, with thorough research on competitor keywords and search terms. Our Professional Web Developers will tailor your website to get results, so by the end, your website will load extremely fast and look amazing on all devices. Your website is your first chance to make an impression on your clients, so better make it a good one.

  • 3rd

    Bring Free Traffic To Your Website

    Our award-winning SEO agency can offer you transparent, goal-oriented strategies that are focused on your business goals. These are the indicators that will help you find the right SEO company for you. We can conquer search engines with your trust and our experience and help you build sustainable business growth through SEO.

Stop Wasting Your Time

Only Premium Domain Brokers who are skilled negotiators can help you acquire and sell your new brand. Whether it is Brandable Domains you are after or one of the rare Expired Domains, our Domain Name Brokerage philosophy remains client-focused: To provide the best possible care for our clients.

Although we hold a large Portfolio of Domain Names, we only handle a limited number of clients per given time, as we strive to provide them with the utmost dedicated and loyal personal Premium Domain Brokerage services. Most importantly, discretion is key. All domain brokering transactions will remain confidential as per our client's request.

Our Experienced Domain Brokers and Web Developers will guide you through all aspects of the process, including acquiring your brand or domain name, planning and building it up from scratch. We can help you to create brand consistency throughout the world wide web, and reach your online target market wherever they may be around the world.

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